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a female real estate agent from the best property marketplace in Indonesia is selling a property in bali to a couple in the office
Ben browski
June 27, 2022

10 Helpful Tips Before You Check a Property in Bali

Are you ready to check the property in Bali? Here are some tips to help you invest your money in Bali. We all know that Bali is a highly competitive market. Our tips should help you as an investor to find your way to success. These tips come from experienced agents or investors. Here we offer you the opportunity to collect information based on real experiences. We hope this will help you!

an elderly white-haired man wearing a blue shirt is checking his property in bali using a laptop in the living room

Check the location before you visit the property

Location is usually one of the first decisions you will make when you start hunting for a property in Bali. Whether for residence or as an investment, you will choose the best location that suits your own preferences and needs. Once you have decided on a location or location, it’s a good idea to get an overview of where the property is located on Google Maps. You can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is nearby?
  • How long did it take you to get to the beach?
  • What shopping facilities are nearby?

We recommend you as a foreigner choose the legal way

It is not unknown that any property in Bali is not listed legally. We are neither for nor against, only you should decide for yourself which way you choose. A base that every property should offer you is certainly the IMB and Pondok Wisata. These 2 documents testify to a quality property. If you decide on the legal way, you can get in touch with a lawyer and a notary (please make sure that you can trust him). During the inspection, you will always be asked for documents for the country and the property. Any legal villa in Bali should be able to show this. Don’t sign anything until your lawyer gives you the OK.

Pay attention to the quality of construction

In Bali, you will rarely find the same quality as in your country. You will have to accept smaller renovations in a fair period of time. You have to check the condition of the property that you are looking at. If you are not familiar with it, bring a craftsman to help you. Here in Bali, they call the craftsmen “tukang”. You will certainly find those who support you for small money. Usually, the bigger deficiencies are to be found in roofs, walls, pumps, pools, electricity, or water.


If you are unsure please write to us at info@mypropertybali.com.

We put an experienced worker at your side.

A property agent from the best property marketplace in Bali is selling a property apartment building in Bali to a new couple

Check the neighborhood

Be aware of what you want to do with your property in Bali after the contract. If you want to rent it out to tourists be sure that you don’t disturb any locals. Be respectful and follow the rules. Even if you are, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that your customers are the same. There are a few questions you should be asking:

  • Does it have many tourist villas in the area?
  • Are there any locals who don’t want to be disturbed?
  • Is there free land that in the near future could be built?
  • Is there a lot of green in the area where you might meet animals?
  • What are the neighbors like?
  • Do you have access to a car?
  • Do you have parking?
  • Is there a lot of noise (traffic, construction sites)?

Bring a translator with you

If you want to avoid complications, bring someone with whom you can translate everything correctly. (Only need if the agent speaks little or no English). It is not uncommon to stand in front of a property and understand practically nothing as the agent only speaks broken English. This can easily be avoided by asking the agent in advance how well they speak English. Many important pieces of information can otherwise be lost.

What additional costs do you have?

An important thing, that is very often forgotten is the question of special costs. The “banjar” (religious taxes) and the garbage are always some additional costs. But there may also be other special costs like electricity. To get an overview you should ask for the monthly costs. This will vary depending on the villa and location. Also, you should be sure that the furniture is included in the price. You either bring the staff yourself or you take over existing ones. Possibly there are more special costs. Think about it!

Electricity costs

If you check the property in Bali, do always ask for the origin of the electricity and check it. How much power does the source provide? There are still two possibilities in Bali:

  • On the one hand, there is the option to pay monthly. This option is settled with a bill and is no longer all too popular.

On the other hand a kind of prepaid system. In Bali, this is called “pulsa” and can be loaded with money at any time. As soon as your budget ends on the meter, the device will start to beep.

Internet and TV

Think in advance if you need the internet and TV signal. If you need any, you should check them at the villa inspection. These following questions you should be asking:

  • Does your provider also bring the Internet to the desired region?
  • How would you like to watch television?
  • You should also think about where you could hide the cables.

Familiarize yourself with property prices in that area

Find out what similar properties in the area cost before you check a property in Bali, so you can negotiate. Here at My Property Bali, you have many properties to compare. It’s important to negotiate, so you should be confident.

To appear safe with respect and decency

Step up to the agent with a secure appearance. Inform yourself in advance so that you have an idea of what you are talking about. Good preparation is very important. Trust your agent but check all important things.



These are 10 tips before you check a property in Bali.  It is an essential step in the home-buying process. Not doing so could result in regrettable issues, particularly if you intend to live in the home for a long time. Check other tips related to real estate on our blog page. We will update you with insightful blogs every week. Visit our website now!

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