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a husband and wife are buying a propety in bali using a professional real estate agent
Ben browski
September 13, 2022

Buy or Lease a Property in Bali?

Buying a property in Bali isn’t exactly a piece of cake. So what’s the better choice to make an investment in the island of paradise where its popularity of it has rocketed ever since? With the quick tips from My Property Bali, we try to answer your question about whether to buy or lease a property in Bali.


Should you buy or lease a property in Bali?

If Bali is a foreign spot for you, these are tips prior to your arrival in Bali on how to get a better look at it. Because Bali is one of your destinations every year, wouldn’t it be better to lease out a beachfront villa or buying a property that can be a little tricky?

A roof to live in, and a simple luxurious temporary gateway can be the safest way to start your bombing property in Bali. Topics of leasing a villa rather than staying in hotels are more efficient, supported by the privacy and intimacy of owning a place for a while, and are way too tempting for you to not start some moves about it. But if you insist on owning a secure building like a house rather than leasing in and out at a villa, how can you create a property business with like-minded people with so little knowledge? How do we gain a good permit?

Tips for those who plan to buy a property in Bali

a woman wearing a black shirt is doing a buying and selling transaction property in bali with the best property marketplace in indonesia

You have to note down a few keys to being a successful buyer, a few points most relevant being:


  • You need to know the location you’re about to buy a house or villa thoroughly. Purchasing a house or building a property in Bali requires various legitimate rights concerning real estate. So it’s necessary to know its place potential and regulations.
  • You have to be willing to accept a long time ROI (Return on Investment). Though, it may differ according to the investment like a house, villa, or apartment. But if you intend to make fast cash, think about it twice. 
  • If you’re unsure about trading land, then purchasing a property is not for you. 
  • The intention might be various, but if you’re targeting the property for personal use or other life events for your kids like a forever home, then buying a property in Bali is the right path for you. It’s the basis for making a long-term real estate investment.

Tips for those who plan to lease a property in Bali

If you want to do a fast-growing and fruitful real estate investment as soon as possible, you might want to consider leasing a property or house instead. These are the key points you have to remember to lease a property in Bali:


  • If a short period ROI is your aim, consider leasing instead of buying. But it’s important to measure it, to determine whether your property is profitable or not. In this renting case, the return on investment might be smaller in scale. 
  • Afraid of Indonesia’s unexpected political situation? Or don’t you want to get in between a natural disaster occurring because of Indonesia being located in the Pacific Ring of Fire? Then leasing is going to be your absolute answer!
  • Want to make the best investment out of your limited budget? Leasing is definitely an efficient solution, buying is going to cost you a lot more than you expected, but renting costs less budget! 
  • Tourist spots aren’t permanent, they’re going to move from one place to another in tourist crowded areas, so leasing is going to be easy money for you, through rental, you can make an income at different places.


If you still ask yourself should I buy or lease a property in Bali? Read more below!

Why you should be doing your real estate investment in Bali?

a pile of gold coins on the table and a clear jar with the words do investment for property in bali

  • By being a typical rocketed city, Bali has marked itself as one of the five most stable investments in recent years.
  • The ROI is promised to be massive and consistent if you consider making a real estate purchase in Bali. 
  • Bali is desirable and glorious, and no one can’t get enough of it. With its rapidly growing tourism industry, the rate of increasing purchases and leases is happening unrealistically in Bali! So folks, get your things ready and invest property in Bali!


What makes it interesting to invest in Bali? 

Bali’s sole purpose is not only for your temporary holiday home, while it gains many interests as such, while you’re not home, but your holiday castle is also going to make a profit for you.


How much Bali has changed?

Bali in 2022 makes a big change. Canggu is expanding quickly and is giving a big chance to the real estate market in this particular area. Bali has accelerated quickly and we need to keep up with the trend. But we also have to pay attention to the regular natural disaster that can always hit Bali at any time. 


You need to oblige rules and land regulations Indonesia has

People are keen to break the rules, but in this case, the law aims to keep ownership within Indonesia. It will make things easier for the investors if you follow the country’s regulations and invest cleanly.  But you also need to take extra care of the leasehold that the owner has to follow.


That’s the explanation of whether to buy or lease a property in Bali. On our real estate page, you will find countless villas, houses, and other properties that you need for your start in Bali for a good investment. Visit our website now!

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