Compare Listings is a premium Marketplace for any kind of Properties in Bali where modern aesthetics are combined with tasteful simplicity and where the ease of use is achieved without compromise in your ability to customize the design.

Whether you are a real estate agent, a direct owner or an entire agency, Mypropertybali offers everyone the opportunity to list their properties.
With us, you get the marketing on top even if you choose the smallest package.

We are not just a real estate portal we offer much more!
We are a portal that is easy to use for you as an agent or owner as well as for the user.

Choose the package that you pay online and convince yourself of the advantages.

Anyone who is looking for a property or is considering looking for a property in Bali will find what they are looking for at Without registration, you can compare properties and contact agents.

Before you decide for an agency that only has a small selection to present to you, take a look around here. We offer you a huge amount of real estate and do not ask anything from you. No annoying resignations or payments. Just contact the Owner or Agent and go for taking look on the Real Property.

Our interface is easy to use and simple to set up.
With us you will find quality because we do not allow every property on our homepage. We prefer direct owners.

Meet Our Team

Wahidah Sanusi

Wahidah Sanusi Director , Property Villa Roses

Wahidah, Professional Property Agent based in Sanur. I was born and rise up in Makassar provinz of south Sulawesi. After collected years of experience in Real Estate Industry and customer service I moved 2008 to Bali to continue my career with proven skills, passion and work ethic in assisting and navigating the high demand for rental and Sales property of my clients Real Estate journey.

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Mypropertybali was built with your success in our mind

Get more calls, schedule more viewings and earn more commissions

Easy to Get Started

Do you like our system? It just takes 5minutes for Setup your Listing. Start now and be ready for your customers.

Easy to UseĀ 

Register and Setup your Listing easy. Add agents or upload multiple properties. Very simple operation.


We are the cheapest marketplace in the whole of Indonesia. We offer the best value for your money.


If you don’t manage to list your property we are always here to help you. We don’t charge money for our support!

Membership System

We offer you three membership forms. Each of these 3 forms is supported by marketing. The only difference is the possibility of how many properties are listed and for how long. Also, for larger memberships, there will be additional advertising on WhatsApp or Facebook. We decide which properties are to be seen when and where.


With us, you pay safe and simple. Whether bank transfer or Paypal both is possible. We have the Norton security seal and therefore guarantee secure payment.

Easy to Use

At you can compare properties and contact agents, agencies or direct owners without registration or costs.

Platform usability

With us, you can easily go through different categories or search for something very specific. In the search function, you can also see the map. The operation is self-explanatory.


Your advantages to look for a real estate with us are quite clear. We are easy and simple. With us, you pay nothing and can observe the market comfortably from home. Here you find a lot of direct owners and thus agent costs are omitted. On our Homepage, you see everything at a glance and therefore have no nasty surprises on the spot.


We help you anytime. If you are unsure or suspicious about a property, please report it as soon as possible.

Huge Selection has a huge selection and is one of Indonesia’s best and most chosen marketplaces in terms of quality. Our agents and agencies are well known throughout Bali.

Local Platform

Our homepage only allows properties in or around Bali, which makes it easier for you to search and there is no confusion.

…and many other cool features…