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Understand The Real Estate Market in Bali

Understand The Real Estate Market in Bali

Understanding the Real Estate Market in Bali

Do you understand the real estate market in Bali? You ever wonder what Bali has in store for assertive expats and investors who want to live here, buy a property or invest? Develop your potential market skill into something that will bring a huge profit. We’ll be giving self-service knowledge about investment and real estate in Bali in 2019.


First, you need to know why the island itself is being so glorified by tourists and tons of online celebrities that thirst for private and familiar tropical vibes as well as white sandy beaches here. It’s not a secret that half of the world population is consumptive and highly interested in the trend of hippies’ lifestyle—that trend stays and shows significant growth here even in 2019. People gathered to Bali from all over the world to taste the essence of the exotic life they never had the chance to experience before. There is always a never-ending demand for everything Bali has offered.

The locals and government work hard to utilize the wonderful landscape and authentic tradition, building full access to infrastructure not only in the tourism area but even in the most isolated region so it’s no wonder why anything mediocre will attract attention. Bali has transitioned from unique to plain and completely mainstreams. Thousands of villas, modern apartments up to lease or buy and five stars hotels can be found here. And those buildings only show singularity. 


On the other hand, it made investment lacking diversity, the properties stay indifferent over the decades and it’s your job to think out of the box and bring new things to the table. Standing out against thousands of competitors is not a piece of cake, thus creativity and innovation will be the main point of your success. Make sure to stay out of ignorance in the real estate business.

The key is to convince purchasers to buy what properties you’re selling, villas you lease, hotels, apartments, and what makes them new and essentially unique against your competitors. It takes a completely different skill and mindset to reap a great deal of profit out of your investment. And what you need to do is to recruit a local business partner best suited for the importance of your business.


Understanding the Real Estate Market in Bali
Understand the real estate market in Bali


The rising popularity of Bali makes it unbelievably hard for investors to make a deal out of their investment in Bali, or to buy land for commercial purposes. Balinese feel massive fear of foreigners overtaking their motherland therefore strict regulation is made by the government to prevent tremendous buyers from making an illegal investment so that properties and land can only be commercially used by the locals. Which indicates a fair share for the locals. And it adds on an impact and difficulty for rookies investor especially those who are new to the country regulation.

In this case, don’t let it ruin your chance to build an apartment, villa, and house in the land of paradise. Find a partner and a team you can run your business smoothly with, plan your real estate business accordingly, double-check the legal documents required including the lease to rent a property. Do it with the help of a local investment service agency for efficiency to establish your business property. Consider hiring specialize notary to certify the contracts needed. Revise the market place wisely. Seek approval from the locals and be eco-friendly.

You may consider building a beachfront villa but make it simply anti-mainstream and domestic. A villa that fits unlimited moods will get viral online. Or try your luck constructing an apartment or buying a house with traditional and magnificent decors to get closer to nature. Be a host to your own house. Imagine owning a minimalistic house with detailed design hidden between piles of rice fields, or putting your own apartment up for lease and able to sell it well. Make sure you put a fair price so the lease will benefit both you and your possible renters.


In fact, the complexity of Bali’s traditions and distinctive house architecture, as well as their beautiful nature, are some things that make them awe-striking. It’s your time in 2019 to embrace the full potential Bali has given to you.



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